The Big 2023 PMS Refresh!

Perfect Media Server as a wiki was first released on New Year's Eve 2020 (or is it the eve of New Year 2021?) - anyway, Dec 31st 2020. Since then I've made small edits and updates to the content as required but overall felt the navigation was a bit cluttered and confusing. With this in mind I've completely reorganised the whole site.

The main landing page is much simpler than it was before using the mkdocs-material-insiders feature of Grids and I've now implemented the brand new "blog" feature. That's what you're reading these news updates via!

Now to talk a bit of shop for a sec. This site doesn't make any money. I don't serve ads and I've made the only donation option of "Buy me a Coffee" in the bottom right, less obtrusive. And yet, I know from the analytics that many thousands of you find this site useful each month. Therefore it seemed only fair that @squidfunk, the developer of the absolutely amazing mkdocs-material theme this site is built around, gets some support to keep building this great documentation system. I have no official affiliation with him or the project, I just really like it. So, to pass some of the value I (you) derive from the project, I've signed up for the monthly sponsors tier on his GitHub.

I really hope that you find some use and utility from this site. If you do and it saves you buying an Unraid license or something and you're able to contribute a few $ for me to pass back upstream to the projects that make this one posssible, that would be pretty cool. It's not my goal for this site to be "profitable", but covering its costs (which it doesn't today) would be nice. In this age of the centralized knowledge and media sites imploding (Twitter / reddit) independently hosted sites like these become even more important in my opinion.

Stay tuned for more updates and content, specifically on YouTube and around NixOS as my journey there continues.

Hope you enjoy the refreshed site!