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Badger's Recommended Stack Rundown

A new page for May 2022, here's a high level overview snapshot of PMS as it stands today.


Access the living and breathing repository I use to configure all my infrastructure on GitHub at ironicbadger/infra.



Device Model Reason
CPU Intel i5 8500 iGPU with built-in Quicksync transcoding hardware
Motherboard ASRock Rack E3C246D4U IPMI + iGPU support. Full write-up here
Case Rosewill RSV-L4500 Pre-covid this case was often under $100 but at current prices of $200 and up, it's a tough recommendation
Memory Corsair DDR4 64GB - Non ECC 64GB is enough to run my entire production stack without being tempted to use it as a dev environment too
Boot Drive Samsung 500GB M.2 NVMe SSD
Power Supply Seasonic PRIME 850 Gold Electricity makes computer go brrrrrr. 850w is probably overkill for this use case. 5-600w would be adequate.
Hard Drives A mix of drives from 8-14tb See HDD purchasing methodology for more details


Type Product / Version Reason
OS Proxmox 7.2 ZFS support and VM UI is nice to have.
Parity SnapRAID Increases uptime and fights bit-rot style corruption
Drive pooling mergerfs Present many disks under one mountpoint
Container runtime docker Do I need a reason?
VM Home Assistant


Container Purpose Relevant content link
Traefik Reverse proxy Traefik 101 Guide
Authelia Basic auth frontend
Flame Dashboard
Plex Media server Top 10 Apps - Plex
Tautulli Plex analytics
Nextcloud An awesome self-hosted dropbox alternative Top 10 Apps - Nextcloud
Smokeping Latency measurement and graphing tool Top 10 Apps - Smokeping
Librespeed Self-hosted speedtest tool Top 10 Apps - Librespeed

See my infra repo for a full list here.

Last update: 2022-05-05